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The speed awareness course is something which may be offered to a motorist if they have been caught committing a speeding offence. The course is offered in place of receiving penalty points on your driving licence and is usually only offered if it is a lower level speeding offence (roughly 5-10mph.

Insurers have admitted that they currently treat speed awareness courses the same as penalty points, and it's feared that failing to declare taking part in a course could invalidate an insurance policy. The courses allow drivers to avoid having penalty points on their licence, and cost between £80 and £150.

Car Insurance with Speed Awareness Course. Police say this may lead to speeders opting not to take a speed awareness course if their insurance will still go up. Here at Central Insurance Brokers, our Car Insurance Quotes will not increase if you have attended a speed awareness course as it is.

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Speeding awareness courses last up to 4 or 5 hours and many regional providers incorporate up to 2 hours of in-car training as part of this time, using a vehicle provided by the centre. The rest is spent in the classroom and in educational workshops. Participation in group discussions is expected as part of.

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What is a speed awareness course and how can it affect your car insurance premium? Find out all you need to know in our simple guide to speed If you're caught speeding, you might be offered the choice of attending a speed awareness course as an alternative to penalty points and a fine.

The National Speed Awareness Course is an alternative form of reprimand to those who have been caught breaking the speed limit. Find further information here on car insurance or speak to one of our RAC representatives on 0330 159 1019 to get a quote.

Some car insurance companies are now treating policyholders who have chosen to attend a speed awareness course costing in the region of £80 exactly the same for insurance purposes as another driver who has been given 3 points on their.

Speeding Fines Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Speed Enforcement Policy Guidelines for UK Police Forces This is our summary of the key points from the document ACPO Speed Enforcement Policy Guidelines 2011-2015: Joining Forces for Safer Roads, which.

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Save money on your car insurance. Start a quote. There's a school of thought which argues that, if you drive at high speed, you're more likely to be involved in a crash. Speed kills, and all that. There's another which says it's not speed that kills, but bad driving. What do you reckon?

Taking a speed awareness course as an alternative to penalty points and speeding fine. Speeding courses are not run by the police, rather they are run by a member of the ANDISP (Association of Will my insurance premium go up if I do a speed awareness course? Before agreeing to a speed.

Course Locations Finder. Where do you want to take your course? East Midlands, North West, South West, Eastern, Northern Ireland, Wales, London Course (WDU) (Suffolk County Council) Call for more info: 0345 606 6043 (Suffolk County Council) Call for more info: 0345 606 6043 National Speed.

You can’t suggest that you want to do a Speed Awareness Course, if you are eligible to attend the course you will be notified by the police. The criteria operated by each Police Force in relation to attending SACs differs slightly.

< Discover Car Insurance. 6 reasons not to speed Fines, fuel costs and more 21 Apr 2018. the police could require you to attend a speed awareness course, receive a fine (or, ‘Fixed Penalty Notice’) or even a court summons. Getting caught speeding by the police. If you’re stopped by the police on the road, the officer can deal with a speeding offence in 2 ways. You may be issued with a.

The National Speed Awareness Scheme is an innovative scheme that has been put in place by police forces across the UK to allow motorists caught speeding to complete a workshop rather than be issued with three penalty points and a £60 fine.

Speed awareness courses. Attending a course should not be penalised by increasing premiums. "I entered this course knowing I had been speeding and the policeman was 100% correct. I thought I knew nearly everything after 40 years driving and had never previously been stopped for anything.

Cars, motorcycles, dual purpose vehicles & car-derived vans up to two tonnes maximum laden weight. Some drivers may be eligible to attend a Speed Awareness Course rather than a fine and points Courses can be taken anywhere in the country and are held in the daytime, evenings and at.

The speed awareness course is 4 hours long with two breaks, and consists of: Exploring the reasons why you speed. Coping strategy and the concept of "coast". Looking and seeing excercises. Motorcyclist awareness. Speed limits. Hazard perception.

Speed Awareness Courses: FAQs How much does the course cost? The cost of the course is ninety one pounds (£91), made payable to Leicestershire County Council.

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Speed Awareness Courses – what they are, who runs them, and what they consist of? The National Speed Awareness Scheme is an innovative scheme that has been put in place by police forces across the UK to allow motorists caught speeding to complete a workshop rather than be issued with three.

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Course details. The National Speed Awareness course is a 4 hour course (with a 15 minute break) designed for drivers who have exceed the legal speed limit. This may have been due to a lapse in concentration or because of a lack of awareness of the limit for the road. The course contains a mixture of presentations, discussions and activities.

The Speed Awareness Course is an alternative to prosecution, for all speed bands and classes of vehicle speeds, with the exception of 20 mph zones. Most areas will adopt the theory-only element of the course which lasts approximately four hours. However, there is an option for an authority to add a.

15.01.2015  · But if u do the speed awareness course im not sure if u need to declare it. The insurance comp would only check and find out if u made a claim. And if u didnt declare it when u should have then your policy may not be valid.

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