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The launch of "Pay As You Drive" car insurance from Norwich Union takes a whole new approach to the way car insurance is priced. For this system to work you must have an in-car device installed that uses GPS technology to monitor and send your journey information securely to a central computer.

As a newly qualified driver you can expect to face hugely inflated insurance premiums and will be lucky to drive a car with any sort of decent Take the advent of the "Pay as you go" policy introduced by the likes of Norwich Union. This policy allows the user to pay just for mileage with a curfew placed.

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In 2006, Norwich Union caused a stir by launching a new type of car insurance, called Pay As You Drive (PAYD). It offered insurance based on how often a car was used and when it was driven, with prices starting from 41p a mile, plus installation and monthly fees. It used GPS-based telematics.

Norwich Union have suspended their innovative 'Pay as you Drive' scheme only two years after the scheme began citing poor take up by the public and also by car manufacturers. The scheme involved placing a black box in the car that tracked the car's movements and the insurance bill was calculated.

'Pay-as-you-drive' insurance policies are about to take UK motorists by storm, according to one provider. Although the concept of using a 'black box' in-car tracker to measure mileage has been around for a while, take-up has been slow and pioneer Norwich Union 'paused' its policy last year.

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Norwich Union was the name of insurance company Aviva's British arm before June 2009. It was originally established in 1797. It was listed on the London Stock Exchange and was once a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

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Pay as you drive – presumably you mean paying your insurance by installments and not in one lump sum. I have never insured with Norwich Union (strange, i live near and work in, \norwich) but they are now part of the Aviva group and many things may have changed – in fact the NU name.

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Drivers will be able to insure their cars on a "pay as you drive" basis under a scheme launched today by Norwich Union. Following a pilot run involving 5,000 motorists, the insurer is launching two new motor policies with prices based on when and where a car is being used.

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More Than Car Insurance have recently launched their new Green Wheels Insurance policy. It is a new product which allows you to view and monitor reports on your 7. Consider the savings and cover levels offered by policies such as Norwich Union Simple Cover, or Pay As You Drive car insurance.

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INSURER Norwich Union has this week announced it is dropping its Pay-As-You-Drive car insurance programme, which cut premiums for younger drivers. The deal was expected to appeal more to drivers under the age of 25, who typically pay much higher car insurance premiums than.

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Norwich Union has recently introduced the first pay as you go insurance policy, which charges you exactly for the miles you drive. It also charges more for the miles you drive between 11 and 6 at night. The system works through a Global Positioning System which is fitted to your car for a one off fee of £.

Car insurance may be a necessity, but if you're a young or infrequent driver, a 'pay as you drive' policy could save you hundreds of pounds. Norwich Union says that if you drive less than 6000 miles a year, it could cut up to 30% off your insurance bill. Younger drivers in particular can make.

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Norwich Union says its 'pay as you drive' insurance scheme, which requires a telematics black box to be fitted to the car, is now available to purchase online. The insurer officially launched the scheme to UK motorists in October last year after piloting the system for four years. NU launched two new Pay.

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